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Exterior Layer

We use silicone rubber impregnated fiberglass/vinyl fabric outer shell for extended life, and for resistance to oil, water, smoke, and fire. Our materials are guaranteed for years of constant exposure to the elements, including extreme temperatures.

The Inner Layer

The core insulating material is non-corrosive, flame retardant, non-alkaline, and chemically stable with excellent flexibility, heat resistance, and low thermal conductivity. There are no binders in the insulation. Long textile fibers offer maximum density, high strength, and thermal resistance up to 1200º F. Custom heat ratings available.

Heat Resistant Thread

The use of thread with high heat resistance means layers won’t unravel at extreme temperatures, up to 2000º F. This thread maintains structural integrity even with long term exposure to the elements, and is resistant to mildew, aging, alkalis, chlorides, and a variety of liquids and gases.

Hook & Loop Closure

The use of hook and loop closure means you can remove and reconfigure or reuse every item of EZ Pipe Wraps. This type of attachment mechanism provides strength, durability, and flexibility. This familiar standard technology makes reuse of our pipe wraps easy.


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