EZ Pipe Wraps carries a variety of freeze, thermal and acoustical wraps.

Flat Wrap

Flat Wraps are designed to be used around straight pieces of pipe and pro-vide a very tight wrap which helps with the insulating & increases efficiency


HoodE Wrap

HoodE Wraps are designed, small and large, to be used instead of typical pipe wraps to allow easier access to the following examples:

  • Well Heads
  • Meter Run Charts
  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Plungers


Spiral Wrap

Spiral Wraps are designed to easily be manipulate to form an insulation layer around large pieces of production equip-ment such a tanks, where typical wraps will not work


90º Wrap

90° Wraps are designed to easily and efficiently form around bends in the pipe as well as provide full coverage over unions


Cuff Wrap

Cuff Wraps are designed to cover the seam where two pieces of wraps join together to provide total encapsulation of the piping


Exhaust Wrap

Exhaust Wraps are designed to better transfer the engine heat through the exhaust muffler which results in increased engine efficiency. During the summertime, the Exhaust Wraps contains the heat inside the muffler and transfers the heat from the engine outside the enclosure. The wrap also provides added safety by covering the mufflers hot surface metal


Tee & Valve Wrap

Tee & Valve Wraps are designed to insulate around pipe brackets and valves while still allowing the equipment to be fully operational. The “wings” located in the middle of the wrap al-low for maximum coverage no matter where the valve handle is positioned


SnuggE Wrap

SnuggE Wraps are designed to be the most versatile wraps and the quickest to install. The SnuggE Wrap covers straight pipe as well as angler pieces