Freeze Wraps
  • Protect the liquids located within from freezing
  • Mildew & UV resistant vinyl with polyester fiber filament
  • Temperature Rating; -40°F to 300°F
  • Works best when paired with heat trace products
  • R-13 Value Freeze Protection
Thermal Wraps
  • Protects and keeps the heat away from compressor engines
  • Impregnated fiberglass base fabric with specially formulated silicone rubber compound and ceramic fiber filament
  • Temperature Rating; up to 500°F
  • Added options allow for higher temperature ratings


Acoustical Wraps
  • Mildew & UV resistant vinyl with MLV and polyester fiber filament
  • Temperature Rating; -40°F to 180°F
  • Standard STC 26-30 dB
  • EZ design uses a standard “Hook & Loop” style securing system


Exhaust Wraps
  • Assists with state and federal regulation compliance
  • Increases VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which allows the exhaust to burn cleaner
  • Eliminates heat loss through pipe transmission
  • Keeps engine components and personnel protected from the heat of the exhaust

Our Products

EZ Pipe Wraps provides the highest quality (yet affordable) freeze and thermal protection for the Oil and Gas industry. Our EZ Pipe Wraps are made with the finest materials & built to last; they withstand the elements and protect workers from injury. Take a look at our below series of wraps to determine your best solutions.


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